Full Biography


Michael Grimm's service to our nation began at the age of nineteen, when he left college after his freshman year and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. After serving in the Persian Gulf War and being awarded a Combat Meritorious Promotion Michael returned reserve status and continued his education.

While attending college full time during the day Michael went to work as a clerk for the FBI on the midnight shift. Michael was chosen to attend the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center where he completed the Federal Police Officer Training Program. Upon returning from training, Michael was deputized as a U.S. Marshal and entrusted with full arrest authority as a Uniformed Police Officer for the FBI.


With a desire to diversify his background, Michael left the FBI for a Research Analyst position on Wall Street attaining several securities industry licenses. During this period, Michael attended Bernard M. Baruch College at night to further his education. Upon graduating with his BBA in Accountancy with a concentration in Finance, Grimm felt the pull of public service and returned to the FBI where he was appointed a Special Agent and assigned to the New York Office. Although he was assigned to investigate the Gambino Crime Family in the prestigious Organized Crime Branch, Michael found his niche fighting corruption on Wall Street as a member of the Financial Fraud Squad.

During his service in the FBI, Michael attended New York Law School at night. Special Agent Grimm was then admitted to practice law in New York and Connecticut.


It was during his tenure with the Fraud Squad that Michael started his undercover career becoming the first FBI Agent to successfully infiltrate Wall Street. Posing as a hedge fund manager during Operation Wooden Nickel, arguably one of the most successful White Collar undercover investigations in the history of the FBI, Michael obtained evidence against more than 50 individuals committing frauds spanning the spectrum from stock manipulation and currency scams to money laundering. After establishing a reputation as a reliable, "go-to" undercover agent, Michael was enlisted to investigate corrupt politicians in New Jersey, corrupt police officers in Florida, and various other cases. Michael has relentlessly fought corruption and served our country proudly.


After approximately 11 years as a Special Agent and more than 5 years serving as a deep Undercover Agent, Michael decided to leave the FBI to further expand his experience and became an entrepreneur. Michael founded a small health food restaurant in Manhattan and was a principal in a bio-fuel company.


Michael Grimm is serving his second term in Congress, proudly representing Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn. He continues to fight for the issues that matter most to his district, such as combatting toll hikes, job creation, and creating a safer NYC against those who wish to do us harm. He actively led efforts to pass the Superstorm Sandy relief bill, which is now helping his district rebuild stronger and better. Rep. Grimm currently serves on the House Financial Services Committee.

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