President Obama Will Leave Behind a Legacy of Failed Policies and Scandal

May 14, 2013 Issues: Foreign Affairs

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Michael G. Grimm (R-SI/Brooklyn) issued the following statement in response to recent news about Benghazi, the IRS, and the seizure of AP reporters’ phone records:

“President Obama’s legacy is going to be one tarnished by scandal after scandal.  This president had an opportunity to unite our country and move it forward better and stronger. Instead, he brought Chicago-style politics to the White House and divided us as a nation. 

“Today this president continues to blame Republicans for politicizing Benghazi, when it is his very own administration that covered up the facts. He was slow to react to the IRS targeting conservative Tea Party groups, and today he denies knowledge of the Justice Department seizing the phone records of AP reporters.

“The president claims to be in the dark on one event after another. What are they doing over there? Who’s accountable if it’s not the commander in chief?

“Instead of a legacy of ‘hope and change,’ President Obama will be known for bringing Chicago-style politics to the White House. The most ‘transparent administration in history’ is actually the most secretive, deceptive, and divisive we’ve seen in modern times.  This administration has misled the American people one too many times, and it’s time it is held accountable.”

Rep. Grimm is a Marine combat veteran of the first Gulf War and served as a special agent in the FBI for over a decade.