Rep. Grimm Asks for FEMA Assistance to Repair Brooklyn Seawall

Nov 27, 2012 Issues: Defense and National Security

BROOKLYN, NY – Today, Rep. Michael G. Grimm (R-S.I./Brooklyn) sent a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg urging them to request a FEMA mission assignment to repair the damaged Brooklyn seawall. Under a mission assignment, the repairs could be made using FEMA funding, but the request must be made by the City and State.

“The flooding of the Belt Parkway is not a new issue, but one that has become increasingly worse with recent storms,” said Rep. Grimm. “Our crumbling seawall took another severe beating from Sandy, and without repairs, the flooding brought on by another storm could be detrimental to the Brooklyn community and the security of New York City.  That is why I am urging the City and the State to request a FEMA mission assignment that would provide the Army Corps of Engineers with necessary resources to begin repairs without delay.”

Last year, the Brooklyn seawall suffered significant damage from Hurricane Irene, which was further exacerbated by Hurricane Sandy. 



A copy of the letter is below:

November 27, 2012

Dear Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg,

I am writing to you regarding the need to restore the Brooklyn seawall which was significantly damaged by Hurricane Sandy and is in need of immediate repairs. It is my understanding that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers may take on this project with FEMA funding at the request of the City and State. Therefore, I respectfully ask for your assistance in requesting a FEMA mission assignment to swiftly begin repairs.

The areas near 14th Avenue, 17th Avenue, and 95th Street are noticeably compromised and left with little protection. When the seawall is compromised, it can no longer provide a buffer to prevent the flooding of the Belt Parkway, which is a crucial thoroughfare for residents and emergency vehicles. The Belt Parkway also provides access to Fort Hamilton, which is not only an active military base but serves as a staging area for current relief efforts as well as in past crises like 9/11. Finally, the missing railing and broken wall are a safety hazard to those running and fishing in the area.

Given the crucial role the seawall plays in the safety of Brooklyn’s residents and the security of New York City in times of crisis, I ask you to request a FEMA mission assignment without delay. Thank you again for your prompt attention to this matter, and I look forward to your reply.



                                                            Michael G. Grimm