Rep. Grimm Statement on Columbus Day

Oct 13, 2013

STATEN ISLAND/BROOKLYN – Today, Rep. Michael G. Grimm (R,C-SI/Brooklyn) issued the following statement in advance of Columbus Day:

“This weekend, the vote schedule in Washington regrettably kept me from attending this year’s Columbus Day Parade in Brooklyn. However, it has not kept me from reflecting on the great contribution Italians, like Christopher Columbus, have made in shaping our nation’s rich history and culture, as well as the long-lasting heritage that continues on today in the Italian-American community.

“I have always been proud of my Italian heritage.  Like many of my constituents, it has shaped my life and helped define who I am.  Our country also wouldn’t be what it is today without the great Italians who passed through America and left an imprint, nor without those –like my Sicilian grandparents - who immigrated here in search of a better life and to live the American dream.  In New York City, the legacy of Italian influence lives on strong in our history, arts, culture, architecture, and cuisine. 

“In Congress, I am honored to represent the district with the highest percentage of Italian-Americans in the country. Whether you are Italian or not, let us spend Columbus Day remembering this great Italian explorer and the many who followed. They have all helped shape our nation, our city, and our community – and their influence will be everlasting.”