Rep. Grimm Warns Sochi Olympics Cannot Become a Benghazi Nightmare

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Rep. Michael G. Grimm (R-NY), co-chair of the House Russian Caucus, issued the following statement condemning the two terrorist attacks in Russia in advance of the Winter Olympics in Sochi:

“I strongly condemn the terrorist attacks in Russia. As we approach the opening of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, we must not let the terrorists incite fear.  The Olympics are a time for member nations to put aside their differences in the name of peaceful competition.  That is why we must remain vigilant and take every threat seriously.

“We cannot sweep these threats under the rug, like we did with Benghazi or the warnings from Russia on the Tsarnaev brother behind the Boston Marathon bombing. Each time we fail to recognize these threats, we not only risk the lives of innocent Americans, but appear weaker and vulnerable in the eyes of the enemy. In doing so, we allow the terrorists to become emboldened and continue their reign of terror throughout the world – attacking us and our allies.

“The only winners in Sochi should be our athletes, which is why we must work closely with Russia and our allies to combat the threat of terrorism. That begins with taking every threat seriously and acting accordingly, so that the Winter Olympics remain a dream for athletes around the globe, instead of becoming a nightmare like Benghazi.”

Rep. Grimm is the Co-Chair of the House Russian Caucus. He served over a decade as a Special Agent in the FBI and is a Marine combat veteran of the first Gulf War.